Four Monitor Arm - Clamp or Grommet Mount

The adjustable monitor arm can achieve precise positioning of displays to improve work efficiency and ergonomic comfort and well-being. / Eastern Global our goal is to improve your productivity, organization and comfort level by providing elegant, yet simplistic ergonomic equipment.

Four Monitor Arm - Clamp or Grommet Mount

Butterfly EGL-8024 / 8024G with 2 Extension Arm

The adjustable monitor arm can achieve precise positioning of displays to improve work efficiency and ergonomic comfort and well-being.

Butterfly four monitor arm (two extension arms) is designed by clamp / grommet mounting types and the MAX loading of screen holder could be with 12 Kgs (26.4 labs). Easy to adjust the angle of lower monitor with 360° rotation by hands and a soft design idea of tool storage is also one of competitive strength. The Cable Management can help the users create a clutter-free working space. An anti-theft kit can also be installed on quick release part as an option to insure your property.


  • The tension can be set according to different screen weights
  • Can be inserted or replaced without any tools
  • The angle can be adjusted according to individual sitting posture, easy to use
  • The cable management can integrate all power cables
  • Optional anti-theft kit to prevent the screen from being stolen
  • Tools are attached to the arm for temporary repairs
  • Long-distance monitor arm that can be unfolded and extended as needed to keep the space neat and tidy


  • Loading Capacity up to 12 Kgs (26.4 lbs)
  • Available 100 x 100 / 75 x 75 VESA plate
  • Available Max screen size: 756 W x 436 H
  • 777 W x 169 D x 806 H
  • Post height: 80 cm


  • Screen Tilt: ±30°
  • Screen Rotation: 360°
  • Color: Silver


Taiwan SGS


Install Eastern Global monitor arm in your office to facilitate content coordination with colleagues or coordinate with customers and help them find product availability at the counter of a retail store or library. Shift the arm to share the screen while helping customers. Very suitable for banks or real estate offices.

We sell our products worldwide through several famous office furniture companies, such as Steelcase, Haworth, Uchida, Vidak...., we are also the primary monitor arm supplier for Google, it is all because of our excellent quality, outstanding design, and satisfied service.

Why Should You Use the EG Monitor Arm?

Computers, laptops, and tablets are everywhere in every home and office. With the development of these important technologies, they have also created some new risks. If you feel neck soreness or pain after using and watching the computer for a long time, choosing Eastern Global monitor arm will be your good choice. Using Eastern Global monitor arm with your monitor, you can freely adjust the height and angle of the monitor and place the monitor in the most comfortable position. You can operate the monitor in a comfortable position for the eyes, neck, and shoulders.

By adjusting the height of the Eastern Global monitor arm, you can also find the best position of the monitor, allowing you to watch the screen conveniently whether you are sitting or standing, and keeping you and your partner in a comfortable state at all times.

We have different styles of monitor arm; you can choose the appropriate monitor arm according to the size and weight of your screen. (loading range could be with 0.5(1.1 lbs)~ 15 kgs(33 lbs))

If you want to use two screens or more at a time? You can try our Eastern Global Dual Monitor Arm or Triple / Four Monitor Arm, even more. We can provide up to 74 monitors. This allows you to work without being limited by the screen width, or monitoring multiple screens simultaneously is no longer a problem!

Multi Monitor Arm

If you want to use two screens or more at a time? You can try our Eastern Global Dual Monitor Arm or Triple / Four Monitor Arm, even more. We can provide up to 16 monitors. This allows you to work without being limited by the screen width, or monitoring multiple screens simultaneously is no longer a problem!

As dual screen work becomes more and more the norm in modern workplaces, the ability to adopt these new ways of working is the key to improving user productivity and happiness.

Quick-release and Easy Adjustments

Eastern Global Monitor Arm adopts exclusive advanced design, the screen can be installed and disassembled quickly without tools. You only need to fix the panel on the back of the screen, only need a few screws to complete the operation. After completing this step, you only need one person to easily install or remove the screen. You don't need to work together to install the screen like other monitor arms (one person holds the screen and one person installs the screws). If you are a designer or an engineer, this will greatly reduce your labor costs and speed up the decoration.

In addition, Eastern Global has also designed an anti-theft lock for monitor arm, so there is no need to worry about the screen will be placed in public areas will be stolen. The anti-theft lock designed by Eastern Global guarantees that your device can be safe when it displayed in public.

360 Degree Rotation

Eastern Global Monitor Arm can rotate 360 degrees without removing any screws. When you often need to discuss work with colleagues, you can adjust the screen freely and easily. The tension control can be fine-tuned to set the screen in the correct position.

Two Installation Options: Clamp Mount and Grommet Mount

Use clamps to install on a table ranging from thickness of 1-10CM without the need for grommets. Using this method, the monitor arm can also be installed near the back of the desk to save space at the workstation.

With the Grommet Mount, you can drill a hole anywhere on the table, and then cover the hole with this attractive arm.

Other advantages of choosing Eastern Global

  • We have many years of ergonomic project experience and excellent ergonomic product design experience.
  • We have innovators who specialize in internal product development, continue to develop new products, and move towards the goal of ergonomics industry benchmarks.
  • We develop high-quality products that can be used for a long time to ensure their sustainability.
  • If the product stops working, we will provide internal repair services.
  • Our expert team and on-site personnel will provide you with friendly and competent advice.


OEM and ODM projects we are welcome!!

We are not only monitor arm manufacturer, but also a designer and developer who can provide customers with new concepts and applications. Before launching the product, we will conduct research, design, development, and testing.

In order to continuously improve the customer experience, we will put forward new concepts from time to time, and based on our understanding of market trends, we will propose creativity and development concepts. We will also optimize our products based on customer feedback on old products and develop and design products that are more in line with the current and future markets!

At present, we have ready available internal design products that meet various standards, including regular monitor arm, CPU holder, laptop/tablet stand, keyboard tray, LED task light, etc. Each category has its own unique design concept.
We have also produced various styles as a collection of customer selection. This saves time to select existing designs or use them as references for further development and to meet your market needs.

 Guardian Air Filter Moisture System


Except for OEM products and non-standard products, there are no MOQ restrictions

Service Process

  • Pre-sales service: Provide product suggestions, drawing, price estimation, freight estimation, answer customer questions
  • In-sale services: provide customer solutions, provide product packaging information, suggest delivery methods, and deliver shipping services
  • After-sales service: customer complaint handling, assembly instructions, delivery documents provision


We provide many delivery methods. Samples or small orders are suitable for express delivery (DHL, FEDEX, TNT, SF, etc.). Large orders are suitable for air and sea transportation. We have our own freight forwarders, of course, if you have your own express account or logistics mode, please let us know.


3 years

Main Export Market



Office Furniture / Security Center / Stock Exchange Center / Control Room / Workstation


Made in Taiwan

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Eastern Global has been providing user friendly and secure computer peripherals to customers, both with advanced technology and 10 years of experience, Eastern Global ensures each customer's demands are met. Contact Today!

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