Vertical Cable Duct Management

As a vertical and horizontal intelligent cable management, the Vertical Cable Duct is your perfect assistant to avoid the chaos caused by wires. / Eastern Global our goal is to improve your productivity, organization and comfort level by providing elegant, yet simplistic ergonomic equipment.

Vertical Cable Duct Management

EGW-500 Vertical Cable Duct Management

As a vertical and horizontal intelligent cable management, the Vertical Cable Duct is your perfect assistant to avoid the chaos caused by wires.

As both vertical and horizontal smart cable management, the Vertical Cable Duct is a perfect aid for you to avoid the messiness caused by electrical wires. With the multi-axis spine structure for extra flexibility and various joints options for all kinds of cables, you can get your workspace tidy and organized in the blink of an eye. Each section can be disassembled. There are three sizes (12 sections, 19 sections, 21 sections) and three colors (transparent blue, gray, black) to choose. (material is plastic)


  • To rise and descend smoothly with the central revolving shaft.
  • To increase or decrease the sections for the height adjustment.
  • With plastic inner bar to avoid the cable out.
  • An attractive and practical way to keep wiring neat and tidy.
  • Designed specifically to follow the movement of any adjustable desk/ sit-stands, the neat cable management can also be used with a regular desk with a fixed height.
  • The base is metal to increase weight and stability, while the spine itself is solid ABS


  • Size: 812mm / 1241mm / 1361mm
  • Available for 3 colors. (gray / black / transparent blue)
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Taiwan SGS
IF Product Design Award (2008)

Why Should You Use the EG Vertical Cable Duct Management?

Nothing can ruin a beautiful office like the ugly wires hanging under the desk. Whether for aesthetics or safety, cable management is crucial to maintaining a clean workstation. Eastern Global's unique vertical cable management has excellent flexibility and stylish modern appearance. An attractive and practical way to keep your wiring tidy, the cable spine routes the cables from the floor to the desktop and provides mechanical protection and strain relief.

Vertical cable management

After placing all cables neatly and horizontally under the desk, the necessary drawbacks caused by connecting these wires to the power source on the floor or wall are solved. Vertical cable management solutions can help you connect cables from your desk to nearby outlets. Optimizing the desk through the right combination of cable management solutions will bring you the elegant and well-organized workstation of your dreams!

Other advantages of choosing Eastern Global

  • We have many years of ergonomic project experience and excellent ergonomic product design experience.
  • We have innovators who specialize in internal product development, continue to develop new products, and move towards the goal of ergonomics industry benchmarks.
  • We develop high-quality products that can be used for a long time to ensure their sustainability.
  • If the product stops working, we will provide internal repair services.
  • Our expert team and on-site personnel will provide you with friendly and competent advice.


OEM and ODM projects we are welcome!!

We are not only monitor arm manufacturer, but also a designer and developer who can provide customers with new concepts and applications. Before launching the product, we will conduct research, design, development, and testing.

In order to continuously improve the customer experience, we will put forward new concepts from time to time, and based on our understanding of market trends, we will propose creativity and development concepts. We will also optimize our products based on customer feedback on old products and develop and design products that are more in line with the current and future markets!

At present, we have ready available internal design products that meet various standards, including regular monitor arm, CPU holder, laptop/tablet stand, keyboard tray, LED task light, etc. Each category has its own unique design concept.
We have also produced various styles as a collection of customer selection. This saves time to select existing designs or use them as references for further development and to meet your market needs.

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Except for OEM products and non-standard products, there are no MOQ restrictions

Service Process

  • Pre-sales service: Provide product suggestions, drawing, price estimation, freight estimation, answer customer questions
  • In-sale services: provide customer solutions, provide product packaging information, suggest delivery methods, and deliver shipping services
  • After-sales service: customer complaint handling, assembly instructions, delivery documents provision


We provide many delivery methods. Samples or small orders are suitable for express delivery (DHL, FEDEX, TNT, SF, etc.). Large orders are suitable for air and sea transportation. We have our own freight forwarders, of course, if you have your own express account or logistics mode, please let us know.


3 years

Main Export Market



Office Furniture / Security Center / Stock Exchange Center / Control Room / Workstation


Made in Taiwan

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Vertical Cable Duct Management | Computer Peripheral | Screen Holder & Computer Accessory Manufacturer | Eastern Global Corporation

Located in Taiwan since 2006, Eastern Global Corporation is a Vertical Cable Duct Management | computer peripheral manufacturer in ergonomic equipment industry. Major products, including Screen Holder, Ergonomic Workspace Tool, Monitor Holder, CPU Holder and Computer Accessories.

Patented and award-winning, IF & Good Design, computer peripherals designing and manufacturing. Each ergonomic equipment is designed with environmentally-friendly material, elegant, yet simplistic. A comfortable, user-friendly office and living environment is created using our ergonomic equipment.

Eastern Global has been providing user friendly and secure computer peripherals to customers, both with advanced technology and 10 years of experience, Eastern Global ensures each customer's demands are met. Contact Today!

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