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  • Monitor Arms

    The Eastern Global monitor arm is the epitome of sleek design combined with robust strength. This ultra-slim monitor arm not only supports significant weight, but also offers easy adjustments. Experience unparalleled space savings and enhance your workspace with our premium monitor arm.

  • USB HUB Add On Power

    Discover a sleek and smart power hub for monitor arm integration. This gadget provides all the essential connections you'll need while you work, increasing your productivity and keeping your workspace tidy.

  • Laptop Stand

    Experience the benefits of an ergonomic laptop stand that addresses the challenges of poor posture. With six adjustable height settings, this stand ensures optimal viewing angles. Its foldable design offers both portability and a sleek look, while improving heat dissipation for your device.

  • CPU Holder

    Maximise your workspace with our ergonomic CPU stand, designed for both safety and convenience. Whether mounted on wheels or sliding rails, this stand provides easy access to your CPU's cables, ports and drives. As well as organisation, it offers significant space savings by raising the CPU off the desk.

  • Keyboard Tray

    Using an ergonomic keyboard tray ensures that your keyboard is positioned at the ideal height, depth and angle. This not only promotes correct ergonomic posture, but also helps to prevent discomfort and future pain.

  • Vertical Cable Duct

    Eliminate the chaos of tangled cables with Eastern Global's vertical cable duct. Our premium cable ducting solutions streamline your workspace, increasing efficiency, minimising fatigue and ensuring maximum comfort.

  • LED Task Light

    Experience optimal illumination with Eastern Global's LED Task Light. With five adjustable brightness levels, our LED task light provides the perfect lighting for typing, studying or reading, whatever your needs.

  • Accessories for EG Monitor arms

    Enhance your workspace with Eastern Global's premium computer accessories. Our world-class products are designed to create a seamless working environment that increases efficiency and minimises fatigue.

  • 49-inch Curved Monitor Section
    Best solution for 49-inch curved monitors

    We offer the ideal combination for a 49-inch curved monitor.

Result 1 - 9 of 9

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