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Eastern Global E-Catalog
Eastern Global E-Catalog

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Product E-Catalogs

12021 Eastern Global Brochure2021 Eastern Global Brochure

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1Dynafly Monitor Arm-Ergonomic FeaturesDynafly Monitor Arm-Ergonomic Features
2How to Install Dynafly Monitor Arm-Single ScreenHow to Install Dynafly Monitor Arm-Single Screen
3How to Install Dynafly Monitor Arm-Dual ScreenHow to Install Dynafly Monitor Arm-Dual Screen
4Dragonfly Monitor ArmDragonfly Monitor Arm
5How to Install Dragonfly Monitor ArmHow to Install Dragonfly Monitor Arm
7Laptop Stand (EGNB) CatalogLaptop Stand (EGNB) Catalog
8Dragonfly (EGNA) - CatalogDragonfly Catalog
9Dynafly (EGDF) - CatalogDynafly Catalog
10Easyfly (EGL3) (EGL6) - CatalogEasyfly Catalog
11Butterfly (EGL) - CatalogButterfly Catalog
12Tool Bar System (EGTB) - CatalogTool Bar System Catalog
13Rail System (EGAR) - CatalogRail System Catalog
14Rail Stand (EGFS) - CatalogRail Stand Catalog
15Eastern Global Job ReferenceEastern Global Job Reference

SGS Test Report

1CPU Holder-EGCP-100-SGS Test Report
2CPU Holder-EGCP-400-SGS Test Report
3LaptopStand-EGNB-100-SGS Test Report
4Monitor Arm-EGDF-202-SGS Test Report
5Monitor Arm-EGL3-202-SGS Test Report
6Monitor Arm-EGL-100-SGS Test Report
7Monitor Arm-EGL-102-SGS Test Report
8Monitor Arm-EGL-200-SGS Test Report
9Monitor Arm-EGL-202-SGS Test Report
10Monitor Arm-EGNA-202-SGS Test Report
11Package-KA_2007_A1928A-01-SGS Test Report
12Package-KA_2007_A1930A-01-SGS Test Report

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Download | Computer Peripheral | Screen Holder & Computer Accessory Manufacturer | Eastern Global Corporation

Located in Taiwan since 2006, Eastern Global Corporation is a Download | computer peripheral manufacturer in ergonomic equipment industry. Major products, including Screen Holder, Ergonomic Workspace Tool, Monitor Holder, CPU Holder and Computer Accessories.

Patented and award-winning, IF & Good Design, computer peripherals designing and manufacturing. Each ergonomic equipment is designed with environmentally-friendly material, elegant, yet simplistic. A comfortable, user-friendly office and living environment is created using our ergonomic equipment.

Eastern Global has been providing user friendly and secure computer peripherals to customers, both with advanced technology and 10 years of experience, Eastern Global ensures each customer's demands are met. Contact Today!

Hot Products

Dragonfly Monitor Arms

Dragonfly Monitor Arms

Dragonfly loading range of slim shape screen holder could be with 0.5 (1.1lbs) ~ 8.5 Kgs (19lbs).

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Dynafly Monitor Arms

Dynafly Monitor Arms

Dynafly as a IF award-winning product (2014) and loading range could be with 2.5Kgs (5.5lbs) ~ 15Kgs (33labs).

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Laptop Stand

Laptop Stand

Laptop Stand as a IF award-winning product (2008) is with width and six optionsof visual height adjustment.

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