Rail Stand (EGFS)

Rail Stand (EGFS)

EGFS-4510 Monitor Arm

Screen Holder, Monitor Arm, Ergonomic workspace tool, Monitor holder, Monitor Bracket, LCD Monitor Arm, TV Mount

Rail Stand-is designed by free standing type (no rail, one layer) and the MAX loading of screen holder could be with 12Kgs (26.4labs). This series offers the convenience of various usages like to create a cable management for hiding all cables under a comfortable working environment and allows for quick effortless monitor adjustments. A anti-theft kit can be installed on quick release part for option.


  • Free Standing Type.
  • Post height 45cm.
  • Single monitor application.
  • 360° monitor rotation, ± 30° tilting.
  • Available with both 75mm and 100mm VESA brackets .
  • Monitor weigh up to 12 kgs, monitor size up to 24".
  • Manual height adjustment.
  • Quick release.
  • Anti-theft locking screw as an option.

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Office Furniture / Security Center / Stock Exchange Center / Control Room / Workstation


Made in Taiwan


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Rail Stand (EGFS) | Computer Peripherals Manufacturer | Eastern Global Corporation

Located in Taiwan, Eastern Global Corporation, since 2006, is a computer peripheral manufacturer in ergonomic equipment industry. Major computer equipment, including monitor arms, laptop stand, CPU holder and so forth.

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