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Eastern Global our goal is to improve your productivity, organization and comfort level by providing elegant, yet simplistic ergonomic equipment.



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Everyone is different, so your ideal ergonomics position will be different from others. This is why we are so passionate about developing monitor arm. These accessories allow you to move the monitor to the correct position for your eyes, neck, and body. If you want to learn how to set the monitor arm is ideal, you can read our official website for more information.
The "Quick Release VESA Plate" allows you to install and replace the monitor quickly. All you have to do is to install this component on a 75mm or 100mm VESA compatible monitor with just a few screws. After that, you can add or remove displays from your monitor quickly and without tools.
Of course! We have single-screen, dual-screen, triple-screen, etc., and can provide up to 16 screens! Note, however, the width limits of the dual arms are different from the single monitor arm, so be sure to check the specifications, especially if the monitor is very wide. If you have any questions about installation or selection, you can contact us, and we will provide you with the most professional service.
We have a total of eight screen supports, each of which has a different appearance, weight bearing, and adjustment method. You can choose according to the weight of your screen; our range is 0.5kg(1.1lbs)-15kg(33lbs). A monitor lighter than 0.5kg (1.1lbs) will cause the arm to rise and remain at its highest height, while a monitor heavier than 15kg (33lbs) will cause the arm to sink and stay near the lowest point. It will be used with displays of any size or width within this weight range.
It sounds like you only need to balance the monitor arm to the weight of the monitor. It's simple: just use the included Allen wrench to turn the tension control screw located on the arm. Make some small adjustments until you find the best position to keep the monitor stay put!

EG start monitor arm business from 2006 and our goal is making user friendly, form, function and timeless design to meet Green-Eco-Trend.

Our customers are in in territories worldwide.

Our customers are using monitor arms in following places.


-Trading room



-Traffic Control Center

-Conference Room



Customer Quality Assurance

- Customer Compliant Handling

- And Analysis

- Outgoing Quality Assurance


Manufacturing Quality Assurance

- Incoming Quality Control

- Finished Good Quality Control

- Equipment Management

- Environmental Monitor


Vender Quality Assurance

- Vendor Audit

- Input Materials Quality Control

- Material Specification Inspect


Quality Improvement

- Training

- Quality Audit

- Correction & Prevention

- Standard Procedure

- Operation Menu


Packaging-Standard carton

Delivery-4~5 weeks after received your order

Payment-100% TT before shipment

More details, please email


Thank you.







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Located in Taiwan since 2006, Eastern Global Corporation is a computer peripheral manufacturer in ergonomic equipment industry. Major products, including Screen Holder, Ergonomic Workspace Tool, Monitor Holder, CPU Holder and Computer Accessories.

Patented and award-winning, IF & Good Design, computer peripherals designing and manufacturing. Each ergonomic equipment is designed with environmentally-friendly material, elegant, yet simplistic. A comfortable, user-friendly office and living environment is created using our ergonomic equipment.

Eastern Global has been providing user friendly and secure computer peripherals to customers, both with advanced technology and 10 years of experience, Eastern Global ensures each customer's demands are met. Contact Today!

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