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Eastern Global manufactures screen holders and computer accessories which is under are made from environmentally friendly materials.

NeoCon 2023

2023/06/09 Eastern Global

Come visit us as we are going to exhibit at NeoCon 2023 in Chicago, USA from June 12th to 14th, 2023.

We are looking forward to seeing you at our booth 7-1121 on 7th floor, where we will showcase our best selling products and have our professional staff demonstrate some of our latest features while also sharing some upcoming new products along the way. For more product information, please visit our website (


  • Booth No.: 7-1121, 7th Floor
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  • Laptop Stand - EGNB-100 Laptop / Tablet stand
    Laptop Stand
    EGNB-100 Laptop / Tablet stand

    Laptop Stand is with width and six options of visual height adjustment, which can adjust to appropriate ergonomic height according to the user. Not only increases the heat dispersal space, but also adopts a foldable design. Made by aluminum and plastic with slim shape and light weight is easy to carry on.

  • Single Monitor Arm - Clamp or Grommet Mount for Light Duty - Single Monitor Arm EGNA-202 / 302
    Single Monitor Arm - Clamp or Grommet Mount for Light Duty
    Dragonfly Series EGNA-202 / 302

    Dragonfly Single Monitor Arm is designed for clamp or grommet mount application and the loading range could be 1.5~8kg (3.3-17.6lbs). The avant-garde appearance and smooth line design, made of aluminum alloy makes it safer and stronger to use. Conform to ergonomic, you can easily adjust the screen to the most comfortable field of view. The quick release function can let you change the screen according to personal usage and environmental space. The monitor arm is equipped with cable management function, allowing you to hide the cables in the monitor arm, keeping the workspace tidy. Tool storage design concept is also one of its competitive advantages, considerate humanized design, do not have to worry about loss of tools. There is also optional anti-theft kit, which can be installed on the quick-release part to prevent the screen from being stolen and ensure property safety.

  • CPU Holder - EGCP-100 CPU Holder
    CPU Holder
    EGCP-100 CPU Holder

    CPU Holder is designed to solve the inconvenience of using the CPU. Thinking from an ergonomic point, the top slide rail can be rotated 360 degrees, which is convenient for the use of back-end functions and store your CPU below work surface to protect against dust and save workspace. An anti-theft kit can be installed for option.

  • Keyboard Tray (knob mechanism) - with Round Mouse Tray - EGK-700 Keyboard Tray
    Keyboard Tray (knob mechanism) - with Round Mouse Tray
    EGK-700 Keyboard Tray

    Eastern Global Adjustable Keyboard Tray can install the keyboard and mouse under the desktop to save working space. When using the keyboard and mouse, the hands can hang naturally without putting it on the desktop. At the same time, can also make your posture correctly and keep you away from the screen! In addition to the retractable functions, the ergonomic keyboard system has also added a tilt angle adjustment function! Reduce pain from long typing!

  • USB HUB Add On Power - Flycharger USB HUB Add On Power
    USB HUB Add On Power
    EGUB-100 Flycharger USB HUB Add On Power

    Flycharger USB HUB Add On Power is a widely compatible user-centered device that provides easy portability, fast charging, and data transmission. And can be used with not only Eastern Global's monitor arms but also widely used in other brands' (diameter within 35-42mm).

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Eastern Global NeoCon 2023 Introduction

Eastern Global Corporation is Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in Computer Peripherals Industry. Eastern Global has been offering our customers high quality Screen Holder, Ergonomic Workspace Tool, Monitor Holder, CPU Holder, Computer Accessories since 2006. With both advanced technology and 17 years experience, Eastern Global always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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